Glacier Homemade Ice Cream is committed to helping kids’ organizations in Boulder County. We offer a discount of 20% off normal bulk purchase price of ice cream for non-profit children’s groups or school fundraising projects. We also have programs available to raise cash for teams or non profit groups.

Glacier Bucks Cards

Glacier Bucks are business card sized gift certificates with a $5 value. Schools, organizations, or teams can purchase cards in bulk for $3.75 each. The cards can also be customized for each organization.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cards

These cards are also business sized cards that may be customized. The cards cost $10 each and entitle the bearer to 1 buy one, get one free, once a month for a year. The card has up to a $50 value. The organization keeps half of the value of the cards sold.

Contact us for more information on these programs or other creative ideas for the the sometimes painful but necessary task of raising money for your children’s organizations.

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