Ice cream innovation

curious george

Have you tried Curious George? We have a lot of love for it. Banana, peanut butter, and brownies are meant to be. The idea for this flavor came from long time Glacier employee, Andrew. We’ll just go ahead and call him a flavor genius.

We have a lot of flavor geniuses in our midst. We have probably made over 1,000 different flavors. We will try anything once. Wasabi ice cream, check. Avocado lime, been there done that. Bacon maple donut ice cream, obviously and we would do it again. These ideas come from our talented production manager, Victor, and his staff of ice cream and gelato gurus. They come from our brilliant, creative, friendly staff (we really love our staff). And finally they come from our devoted customers. This is a team effort. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

So next time you find yourself bursting with an ice cream or gelato flavor idea, just email us. It’s our mission to make ice cream dreams come true.