Why I love Glacier Homemade Ice Cream

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In my close to 10 years at Glacier, I have come to think of ice cream as a pretty wondrous thing. When I took the position as general manager of Glacier, my main goal was to make Glacier a place our customers would consider a part of their community.

Ice cream and gelato make people happy. Customers come into our stores to celebrate successes. They also come into our stores for small comfort on a bad day. No matter the cause we all know ice cream makes everything a little better. It really does.

These stores have given me many gifts. I have watched some of my favorite customers’ children grow from cute little kids to sweet and gangly teenagers. I have built on my community through lifelong friendships with employees and customers. I enjoy making your coffee milkshake every Friday. It makes me so happy that our customers pick our stores to celebrate birthdays, recitals, and the last day of school. It makes ice cream, something as small as ice cream, feel significant. So of all the things I love about ice cream (it is totally delicious), what I love the most is every employee and customer who make up our little Glacier community.